Student Success Committee Charter


The overarching purpose of the Student Success Committee is to create an effective network of faculty, administrators, staff, and students dedicated to improving student success. Student success is a comprehensive, holistic effort involving every facet of the institution. The committee oversees a broad range of matters in order to coordinate efforts for the continual improvement of the educational effectiveness of the University.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Success Committee is to empower students to persist to the completion of their educational goals by fostering student-centered support, academic rigor, and quality of learning. Student success is measured by retention rates, which are a composite of persistence, transfer, graduation, and withdrawal rates.



The Committee has cross-divisional representation including the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, Lead Professors, Academic Coaches, Registrar, Librarian, CETL and PAIR staff, Financial Aid Counselor, Student Accounts Officer, and a student representative.



The Student Success Committee meets 6-8 times per year or when necessary at the call of the committee chair.



The specific responsibilities of the Student Success Committee include:

  • Establish clear definitions and measures of student success.
  • Establish specific success goals or targets for each academic year.
  • Gather and monitor college student success data
  • Assess, evaluate, and make recommendations for student support strategies to enhance student access, persistence, and goal attainment
  • Identify obstacles to student success and implement actions to address the issues.
  • Review and recommend policies and actions related to enrollment and all student services
  • Act as the University Assessment Committee
  • Conduct an annual review of institutional research data collection to assure the suitability and usefulness of the data
  • Academic Affairs – Collaboratively monitor and make recommendations in academic areas related to course schedules, programs, courses, academic policies, assessment, IR, faculty services, etc.
  • Business/Finance – Issues related to financial aid and student accounts



The committee will receive and review the following reports:

  • Graduation Report
  • Retention Report
  • Demographics Reports
  • Annual Outcomes Assessment Plan for each Department
  • Annual Outcomes Assessment Report for each Department
  • Student satisfaction surveys
  • Withdrawal Report

The committee will generate the following reports:

  • Executive Summary of the Annual Outcomes Assessment Reports


Annual Committee Goals

The Student Success Committee will establish annual goals specifying its principal work focus areas for the coming year.