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Career Center

The Career Center offers students and alumni resources for resume writing. One of the first steps to being hired is developing a customized resume as your key marketing tool. Writing a resume can be a difficult, frustrating process—regardless of work experience or writing expertise. At Wilson University, we can help you write your resume so it looks professional and meets the need of the job that you are seeking.

Exclusive Resume Writing for Students and Alumni

Students and Alumni have access to certified professional resume writers at a discounted rate through TopResume with various options. TopResume writers understand what each industry requires or responds to best. Additionally, many employers are using applicant tracking systems to sort and screen resumes. That is to say that your resume may be getting stuck in the screening process and never making it to a real person. TopResume is familiar with the latest resume screening technologies so your resume will easily bypass those systems.

Resume and Letter Writing

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Advice from Employers

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