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Career Center

At Wilson University, we can help you write your resume so it looks professional and meets the need of the job that you are seeking. If you are looking for someone to critique your resume, please contact us to have it reviewed by a counselor. Additionally, we also provide resume writing services, click here for more information.\

Writing Resumes

Writing Resumes and Cover Letters


Disability Services

Wilson University requires a student with a disability to register with the Vice President for Student Affairs office which provides support services for students with disabilities, in order to receive accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to request services in a timely manner. The Vice Presidents office confirms the student’s disability and eligibility for services and accommodations. A course instructor typically receives notification from  the academic coach detailing recommended…

Wellness Center

The Wilson University Wellness Center is designed to complement the university’s mission statement by providing spiritual and emotional support and encouragement to students as they grow to become world class leaders. The Wilson University Wellness Center offers online resources and phone…

Writing Center

The primary goal the Writing Center is to provide resources and tutorials for any undergraduate or graduate student at WU. The Writing Center is supported by Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. Students are welcome to come here for writing assignments in any course in any academic discipline…