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Community Engagement


Community Engagement Center (CEC)


The Community Engagement Center (CEC) provides a linkage between students and the community. The CEC fosters partnerships between students, faculty, alumni, and external stakeholders to provide service opportunities for the betterment of local and global communities.

CEC Services

Community engagement is one of the ways Wilson University achieves its mission of educating students to engage in the social challenges of their times. Through participation in community engagement activities and events, students will:

  • Become knowledgeable of a variety of social issues within local and global contexts;
  • Understand the underlying and contributing factors that impact social issues and various ways of addressing both the causes and effects of these issues;
  • Build skills related to leadership and global citizenship by engaging in service and service learning opportunities aimed at alleviating social problems and their short and long term effects;
  • Develop an attitude of meaningful life-long service in the student’s local community, state, nation and world.

Community engagement service opportunities:

  • Hope Corps – A student’s education, experience and abilities can be harnessed and directed to areas in the kingdom where they may have an eternal impact and allow the individual to be personally involved at home in their local church as well as in significant, short term missions’ projects. Students that take part in this program have been very helpful in the cleanup, construction and delivery of food to the community in the recent flooding in Baton Rouge, Lousianna (August of 2016).
  • Helping Children of the World (HCOW) – Helping Children of the World is a faith based organization that teams up with WU students and is committed to furthering the health, educational and spiritual needs of children around the world.
  • Apostolic Immersion Project – a one-week mission trip following successful completion of the online courses. Immersion Week includes seminar-style training sessions taught by missionaries and experienced ministers as well as practicum exercises to apply the principles taught. There will also be multiple church services with believers from the host country (Cuba) and cultural excursions.
  • Mission Trips – Wilson University sponsors some mission trips in various cities around the world. The student volunteer in areas such as teaching and community projects that help equip the local minister.
  • Facilitate the awareness of community and civic engagement projects and opportunities (share through newsletter, website, and social media)