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Industry Classification Schemes

  • Standard Industrial Classification Search – The Occupational Safety & Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor sponsors this Standard Industrial Classification Search. Search by keyword. The SIC classification system is being phased out and being replaced by NAICS. However, a several online databases and internet resources still use it as a search tool.
  • North American Industry Classification System – The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) has replaced the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. This site shows the correspondence between NAICS and SIC. The new industries, sectors and code systems are also detailed.


Industry Guides

  • Industry Research Desk – Gives tools and procedures on how to perform on-line industry research, business research, company research, and manufacturing process research.


Industry Profiles

United States Industry | Global Industry


United States Industry

  • Corporate Information Research Links – Links to web sites that provide information about U.S. and international industries. They also list companies within a particular sector. It merely provides links to key sources of information with no synthesis.
  • Encyclopedia of American industries – This resource provides easy access through the hyperlinked table of contents or search feature. This contains essays on industry history, organization, current condition, major companies within the industry, work force, global & U.S. markets.
  • EPA Sector Notebooks – The EPA’s Office of Compliance has developed a series of profiles or notebooks containing information on selected major industries.
  • Industry at a glance United States. Dept of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics – This site gives a broad overview of the industry landscape for the United States. Over 100 industry pages are included and can be accessed alphabetically or by NAICS industry code. Emphasis is primarily on statistics including the number in the workforce, accidents and injuries, and trends. It also includes a list of other resources with hyperlinks.
  • Industry Data Finder – Maintained by Rensselaer at Hartford. Points you to industry-specific resources on the Web and in the Cole Library. Not all items are accessible. It covers industry information on a wide number of industries.
  • Industry Information Resources Valuation Resources – This is a free resource guide to industry resources and data for over 400 industries listed by industry category and SIC industry code. Individual pages for each industry list resources and data available from trade associations, industry publications, and research firms which address subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends, and outlook, industry financial information and financial ratios, compensation and salary surveys, and business valuation resources. Not all the resources are free.
  • Industry portals/Industry Hubs / Polson Enterprises – This website gives a listing of key internet sites under over 100 industry headings. It often links to resources published by the industry so the material is not synthesized as in other sites.


Global Industry

  • Corporate Information Research Links – Links to web sites that provide information about U.S. and international industries. They also list companies within a particular sector.
  • Deloitte Research Industry Reports
  • Export.Gov – This is a US government site aimed at offering help to exporter of US goods. They provide a “Search by Industry”. It includes market outlooks for a wide variety of products in various foreign countries.
  • GlobalEdge Industry Reports – International industry reports at the broad sector level.
  • ITA Industry Profiles / International Trade Administration – This website gives 17 industry profiles for products in other countries. Look under the Data and Analysis Tab.
  • ReportLinker – This is a search engine for industry reports, company data and country profiles. You can use the advanced search to specify “Public reports” as not all information is free. It contains a wealth of information. It is important to be very specific in your search by specifying a country.

Industry statistics