Finding and using images or videos for your online class

Not all videos/images that you find on the Internet or Youtube can be used in your online course.  Most materials are protected by copyright to ensure that the creator of the work receives royalties or payment for their creation.

What resources can be used?

  1. Those images that you (the instructor) have created and have the rights to use when and where you want. (This means you have not signed agreements that assign these rights to a publisher)
  2. If you have permission from the publisher/creator to post it to your online class. (Some authors provide a statement stating it is free to post for educational use).  Some publishers provide a temporary license to use in online classrooms (for a fee)
  3. Those with the correct copyright license
    • Those materials in the public domain – All works published prior to 1923, plus those who have been placed in the public domain by the creator.
    • Those material with a creative commons license – look for a license called Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike”.

Where do you find these resources?

  • Creative Commons Search– Search many sites at once.  You can choose to search by a license type, or in the public domain, or by a particular media type.
  • Creative Commons Resources for Classroom Teachers – This provides a large number of sites which allow you to search by the creative commons license to find materials you can use in the online classroom.
  • Flickr Advanced Search – Use advanced search filters to show only CC licensed images
  • Morguefile – Free stock photos
  • Open Clipart – Public domain clipart
  • com has 160,000 copyright-free images available.
  • Pics 4 Learning is specifically designed for teachers and students, and has thousands of images that can be used freely.
  • net – Free images from photographers
  • Wikimedia Commons – This is a database of over 24,000,000 freely useable media files.
  • Materials licensed by Wilson University Library

The library licenses a wide variety of databases.  Most of the materials we license are journal articles which you can link to.