The Pastoral Studies program is appropriate for students who are preparing to serve as pastors, evangelists or as members of a pastoral staff. It is especially suitable for those whose denominations accept the B.A. degree for ordination. The degree program consists of theoretical and applied studies. Principle aims are to provide each student with a broadly-based Christian education in an environment that is conducive to social, intellectual and spiritual growth and to prepare him/her for pastoral ministry or seminary studies.


Learning Outcomes

With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Bible, theology, Christian tradition, ethics, mission of the church and the development of leadership within it.
  • Exhibit proficiency in critical thinking in research writing, biblical interpretation, sermon delivery, pastoral administration and conflict resolution.
  • Utilize higher order thinking in computer-based information retrieval and communication skills.
  • Develop an understanding of practical theology and relevant ministerial skills with sensitivity to gender, ethnicity, culture and disability.
  • Apply theological reflection and ethical understanding to pastoral practices, church planting and growth and community service.


Course Sequence

Following is a sample course sequence for students in the BA in Pastoral Studies program (please note individual degree programs may vary):


PSS 100 Academic Strategies

CIS 101 Computer Literacy

ENG 101A Reading and Comprehension

OTS 113 History & Literature of Ancient Israel

MTH 115 College Algebra

HIS 101 American History

NTS 126 History & Literature of Early Christians

COM 146 Communication

ENG 101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing

THE 245 Theological Foundations

PSC 152 Physical Science

PSY 221 Psychology

BIO Biological Science with Lab

POL 241 American Government

PHL 210 Christian Worldview & Contemporary Living

ENG204 Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing & Research

MUS Music Appreciation

THE 320 Ecclesiology

SOC 230 Sociology

PHY 155 Physics

THE 423 Survey of Historical Theology

PHL 271 Philosophy

PHL 263 Social Ethics

SSC 304 World Religions

THE 475 Hermeneutics

OTS 340 Pentateuch

NTS 302 Life of Christ

NTS 431 Apostolic Age

PST 461 Theology of Ministry

CMN 301 Dynamics of Christian Ministry

CLD 371 Ministry Management

PST 368 Principles of Church Growth

PST 450 The Church in Context

PST 365 Introduction to Apologetics

PST 463 Homiletics

BBL 350 Spiritual Formation

PST 367 Pastoral Care

PSY 476 Counseling

PST 499 Pastoral Studies Capstone