Students will be introduced to critical methods of biblical interpretation, current issues in biblical research, and further tools of exegesis. A strong emphasis is placed on developing proficiency in biblical languages. The program is recommended for those planning to pursue a career in biblical studies by continuing studies at a seminary or graduate school. It may also be appropriate for pastors or laypersons who are involved in church ministry.


Learning Outcomes

With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand trends in biblical research and apply critical methods to the biblical text.
  • Develop the ability to reason and write intelligently on biblical and theological issues.
  • Do exegesis on a biblical passage.
  • Place the Bible within its historical context.
  • Develop proficiency in reading the Bible in the original languages.
  • Acquire biblical and theological knowledge beyond the core requirement.
  • Trace the theological history of the church.
  • Apply scriptural insight to personal life and ministry.


Course Sequence

Following is a sample course sequence for students in the BA in Biblical Studies program (please note individual degree programs may vary):


PSS 100 Academic Strategies

CIS 101 Computer Literacy

ENG 101A Reading and Comprehension

MTH 115 College Algebra

HIS 101 American History

COM 146 Communication

ENG 101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing

PSC 152 Physical Science

OTS 113 History & Literature of Ancient Israel

PSY 221 Psychology

BIO 151 Introduction to Biology

POL 241 American Government

ENG 204 Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing & Research

NTS 126 History & Literature of the Early Christians

ART 220 Introduction to Film

SOC 230 Sociology

PHY 155 Physics

PHL 271 Philosophy

THE 245 Theological Foundations

THE 280 Pentecostalism

PHL263 Social Ethics

SSC 304 World Religions

PHI 210 Christian Worldview & Contemporary Living

THE 423 Survey of Historical Theology

THE 320 Apostolic Theology

HIS 227 Ancient World History

THE 475 Hermeneutics

HEB 419 Biblical Hebrew I

HEB 420 Biblical Hebrew II

OTS 340 Pentateuch

OTS 419 Survey of Prophetic Literature

GRK 331 Greek I

GRK 332 Greek II

NTS 431 Apostolic Age

NTS 302 Life of Christ

NTS 400 Matthew

NTS 410 John’s Literature & Theology

NTS 415 Paul’s Literature & Theology

THE 471 Eschatology

BBL 499 Biblical Studies Capstone