Concentration in Christian Leadership

The A.A. degree program is recommended for students who plan to further their education in a vocational field, seek entry-level employment, or pursue a four-year degree program. Degree-seeking students progress through the 60-unit curriculum by completing a specified number of General Education units in each content area and 15 units in a concentration. The A.A. degree is intended to meet the personal and academic goals of students while also preparing them for entry-level and generalist positions.

The A.A. degree program is currently under development in partnership with the Patten University.

Students in the A.A. program with a concentration in Christian Leadership will be introduced to leadership development, spiritual formation, biblical principles found with the Old and New Testaments, basica theological teachings, and intercultural studies.

Learning Outcomes

With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand trends in biblical research and apply critical methods to the biblical text
  • Develop the ability to reason and write intelligently on biblical and theological issues
  • Do exegesis on a biblical passage
  • Place the Bible within its historical context
  • Trace the theological history of the church
  • Apply scriptural insight to personal life and ministry


Course Sequence

Following is a sample course sequence for students in the A.A. program with a concentration in Christian Leadership (please note individual degree programs may vary):


PSS 100 Academic Strategies
CIS 101 Computer Literacy
ENG 101A Reading and Comprehension
BBL 110 Biblical Principles
MTH 115 College Algebra
COM 146 Communication
ENG 101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
THE 110 Theological Essentials
PSC 152 Physical Science
PSY 221 Psychology
PHY 155 Physics
LDR 210 Leadership Formation
HIS 101 American History
SOC 230 Sociology
PHL 263 Social Ethics
ICS 210 Intercultural Studies
PHL 271 Philosophy
POL 241 American Government
SSC 304 World Religions
THE 280 Pentecostalism