Students at Wilson University gain knowledge and develop academic skills in learner-centered environments which generate a commitment to developing breadth and depth of knowledge; dynamic capacity for creativity; critical habits of mind and heart; respect, consideration and informed discussion of diverse points of view; curiosity and skills for inquiry and research; and effective expression of ideas.

  • Demonstrate a balanced and growing breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Think critically, ethically, analytically, and creatively
  • Use proficient and appropriate written, oral and technology-based communication skills
  • Achieve quantitative, informational and computer literacy
  • Recognize and understand intercultural and global perspectives
  • Show competence in the content and methods of their major field of study
  • Exercise social consciousness by engagement in transformative activities in the local national, and global communities
Patten University offers other programs that might interest you such as:
  • BA in Management
  • BA in Psychology
  • MBA

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