The purpose of the Academic Assembly is to provide faculty input and advice to the administration concerning issues of University-wide educational philosophy, academic policy, priorities in the deployment of financial resources, and faculty issues with the ultimate goal of student learning and success.

The Academic Assembly advocates for shared governance and encourages faculty to participate and discuss academic matters to ensure that academic quality remains a priority of WU. The Assembly represents the view of the faculty to the WU administration. The membership acts on matters of academic affairs for the University with regard to: the requests and needs of the specific Departments, the advice of the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University, and the regulations of the Board of Trustees of WU.

It is essential to the character and mission of a mature university that the faculty hold the primary authority and responsibility to develop, sustain, and enhance the intellectual quality and reputation of the institution and maintain its academic integrity. The status of a university is directly related to the quality of its faculty.

The Academic Assembly is obligated to promote to the fullest extent possible:

  1. A climate of academic freedom for all faculty;
  2. Equity and excellence with regard to all academic policies and standards;
  3. An optimal academic environment throughout the University;
  4. The definition and establishment of standards and procedures of accountability concerning professional faculty ethics and responsibilities.