Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as the nucleus for the coordination and communication of matters pertaining to the Academic Assembly.

Stephen Allard Josiah Aston: Secretary, Chad Adair: Dept. of Business, Dean Anderson: Dept. of Ministry, Daniel Blash: Dept. of Human Development, Johnny King: Dept. of Ministry, Karissa King: Dept. of Arts & Sciences

Academic Policy Committee

The Academic Policy Committee is responsible for the development of policy and oversight of academic standards at Wilson Pacific University to improve teaching and learning and the quality of academic programs.

N/A Karla Adair, Stephen Allard, Ted Erskine, Jesus Galindo, Michael Gurley, Ron Wofford

Faculty Learning Community

The Faculty Learning Community fosters ongoing professional development through collegiality and collaboration to build a culture of research and scholarship, to enhance effective teaching methods and practices in order to enrich student learning and success, and to support faculty in their personal growth.

Research and Scholarship Committee

The research and scholarship committee explores ways to promote research within courses and also to facilitate research and scholarship beyond courses by helping to connect faculty, students, alumni, and external stakeholders in research opportunities that will be beneficial for local and global communities.